Are you ready for a great love that lasts?

Deep red maple leaves reflecting in green poolRomantic love is central to a fully satisfying life. But finding and nurturing a healthy partnership can be complex, challenging and elusive. Turn frustration into fulfillment with work and the right support.

Datewise, created by Gail Weiner MA, MFT, is a process for giving you the skills to create the best relationship of your life. It’s a personalized approach to find, establish and sustain love. Therapeutic insights are joined with the action-based tools of coaching, so you can use every aspect of dating and relationship as a crucible for self-knowledge and growth. Sessions engage your emotions, humor, senses, creativity and wisdom. Manifest who you’re meant to be: a thriving individual—capable of true intimacy.

I developed Datewise after helping individuals, couples and groups for over 30 years. It provides specific, practical steps toward a love- led future based on your particular history, needs and desires. You’ll benefit from my broad experience as a clinician, dating and writing coach, graduate level instructor in Human Sexuality, and from my delight in sharing the best research, theories and relationship practices. My decades of experience guide your path from dating into a satisfying relationship that will stand the test of time.

Datewise can help, if you

  • dream of rediscovering trust and desire
  • want to re-engage after being widowed or divorced, or wonder if it’s worth trying again
  • face the competing demands of parenthood and romance
  • are confused about what kind of partner is best for you
  • feel held back by a painful breakup; or count too many ex’s, and wonder why
  • have avoided relationships, but now long to connect deeply
  • need to perfect your online profile, decode others’, and choose wisely
  • sense that insecurities about your self, body or sexuality damage your confidence
  • carry childhood experiences that interfere with giving and getting love
  • are unsure if a current relationship can or should be saved