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Your Anger: Creator or Destroyer of Worlds?

Hosted by Gail Weiner, MFT

From Creating the Life You Want: Group for Women 40 and up
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Your Anger: Creator or Destroyer of Worlds?

Anger. It’s all around us. It’s one of the basic emotions of our species – but the press on it is mixed.

Especially for women.

Unexpressed anger can lead to illness, energy loss, addictions, depression. You’ve probably heard: “Speak up! You’ll be cleansed, empowered, motivated.” And there are practices that help us deal with anger in the moment.
But chronic anger is debilitating. It wrenches your gut…. Steals your sleep, immunity, & your peace of mind. Not to mention what it can do to relationships. People say: “Rise above it! You’re bigger than that. Don’t let it get to you. Forgive.”

As for Angry Women? Here’s a brief refresher course: “Shrill. Rude. Overreacting.” And the classic, “Hysterical”.
Our anger gets cast as unattractive, illegitimate, and often, as “our own damn fault”.
We are passively policed by gender norms about “femininity” …and more actively through overt threats and retaliation.

Here’s the Wiki-truth: “Anger happens when we’re threatened, offended, wronged, or denied something we really want or need.”
That happens a lot to us, as people, and as women.
But as women, we are given constricting and contradictory rules for how to handle it.

So, what lies in that lesser known territory between choking it down and torching the place?🔥
Are there smart, effective and self-loving ways to deal with your justifiable anger?

The good news:
– We can have control over how we process our anger, how we express it and how we carry its’ lessons forward.

Join us Monday night, October 15th, 7-9P so you can
– Begin to use your anger as a source of illumination 🔎 and a guide for action.
– Practice methods to channel it in your own best interest.
– Reap the power and wisdom of our collective experience

Limited seating. RSVP for you (and your friends) today!
I look forward to seeing you there.
❤️ Gail

Take the “Peek at Pique” anger quiz before our Meetup here:

LOVE’S secret AGENDA: What it means for your romantic happiness

Hosted by Gail Weiner, MFT

From Creating the Life You Want: Group for Women 40 and up


LOVE’S AGENDA: It’s not what you think

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, you have an idea about the partner you want. They are Perfect!!.…..or at least Perfect For You.

But what is that “perfection” you seek? 😍
Beyond ideas about how they look, financial status, humor, intelligence (your list of requirements here) there’s an underlying question:
Who can meet your emotional needs? And what are your real needs, anyway?

But even these important questions can get it wrong. Because…
What if we actually chose partners based on their ability to NOT meet our needs, in very particular ways?!! 👀 🥀
What if their role is to help us recreate a challenge from childhood so that we can finally RESOLVE it? 👏🏻

Our unconscious goal in romance is to master our childhood wound so that we can recapture our full capacity for aliveness and love.

This is a central insight behind Imago Therapy, and the focus of our group this month. We’ll explore this idea together – it’s relevance to and applications for your own love life.
In my experience and for so many of my clients, understanding your stealth agenda in choosing (or avoiding) partners is a ‘game changer’ .

I think of this insight as a key to discovering:
– your unique needs in intimacy
– what’s seeking to be healed through love for you
– how to choose partners differently, based on understanding this deeper motivation

Every journey begins with a single step.
Let’s take this first step together! 👣

Bring a notebook & pen, water, an open spirit.
Wear clothes you can move in. $10 cash at the door.
You and your friends are warmly welcome w/ an RSVP by 9/16.
Doors open at 6:50 – plan to arrive with time to sign in, pay, and settle in.
Questions/Details: contact me – [email protected]

As always, we’ll use discussion, laughter, writing, skills practice, sharing stories, role-play and other methods to move you toward your best life.

Public group

Meetup: Creating the Life You Want – BECOME A CHARISMA JEDI

Hosted by Gail Weiner, MFT

From Creating the Life You Want: Group for Women 40 and up
Public group


Be part of this special evening of camaraderie, insight and growth.

Lately, listening to the news I’ve been thinking….Good People need to wield more power in this world…And, well…you’re a Good Person…..right?

What can make you:
– more potent in creating the changes you want to see?
– more memorable in romance?
– more influential at work?
– more effective as a parent?

This month’s answer 😊 is

– Electrify and expand your influence using science-based tools to jump start your power, warmth and presence.

– Have fun trying out new skills together, Practice key methods for expanding your reach & pleasure.

– Walk away with more capacity & confidence to make an impact
in your life and in the world.

RSVP NOW to grab your spot! Signups close Sunday, 8/19.
(Our prior attendee list got dropped and we’re working to re-establish it. If you’ve already signed up, apologies. Meantime, you can guarantee your spot by RSVPing “Yes” one more time. Many thanks.)

As always, come early to settle in. Wear clothes to move in, bring your (RSVP’d) friends, a notebook, water, and $10 cash.

I’m excited to spend this empowering evening with you! ⚡️

Meetup: Creating the Life You Want

Hosted by Gail Weiner, MFT

From Creating the Life You Want: Group for Women 40 and up
Public group

“Human beings are social creatures. We need to maintain social connectivity to maintain physical health and longevity. In a Facebook era—where we are often only connected via a digital interface—it is extremely important that each of us make a conscious effort to create and maintain close-knit human bonds and a strong sense of community. Yes, any social network will benefit your health to a degree. . . but, biologically we need face-to-face contact and intimate human connections to engage biological systems that have evolved for millennia to preserve our well-being.”

You suspected you had genius all along – now there’s proof!

Become a Masterful Communicator. Be Nourished & Connected. This Monday night!

Hello dear member,

Our third meetup for Creating the Life You Want is happening in just 6 days!  Be part of our first COMMUNICATE & CONNECT LAB: Learn the secrets of great communicators & practice the key skills that create emotional bonds.

Small changes in your communication reap big rewards. I think of them as deceptively small.Talking. Listening.  You do it all the time. What’s the big deal?

Kind of like Breathing…. a deceptively small act that makes all the difference.

Turns out, the way we approach and respond to each other has a huge impact on our happiness.

We’ll be using some of John Gottman’s research and guidance to help you:
– get more of the emotional nourishment, support and fun you want

– create powerful connections faster

– have the needed conversation(s) you’ve been avoiding

– improve the emotional climate of your relationships

As always, bring:

Notebook & pen, water, wear clothes you can move in

An open spirit

$10 cash at the door

Your friends (w/ an RSVP)

I’m looking forward to seeing you this Monday night! Questions/comments are always welcome – Contact me: [email protected]­



Launch Meeting: Creating the Life You Want

Hosted by Gail Weiner, MFT

From Creating the Life You Want: Group for Women 40 and up
Public group


In our meetings, you’ll be welcomed into a supportive community to take on the promise and challenge of mature womanhood. This is a potent time: poised between our hard-won wisdom & the possibilities of what we each, uniquely, can build.

We’ll explore how your life is asking you to expand so that you can:
Live your purpose more fully.
Bring your joy, creativity, gifts and passion to daily life.
Express what has been silenced.
Take the risks needed.
Bless yourself and your beloveds with your clarity, strength, and unimpeded love.

Some potential topic areas:
– Sexuality, self-image and desire – pre & post menopause
– Reaping the lessons from hard times
– Fulfilling work – what’s in the way, what do you need, how to get it
– The art and practice of saying “No”
– Gender gaps: creating openings for intimacy
– Mothering: where’s the manual?
– Should i stay or should I go? Spouses, lovers and friends
– Me Too/Times Up – sexism and self-advocacy
– Life after Divorce
– True to yourself: the courage to know, speak, and create freely

We’ll use discussion, laughter, skills practice, sharing stories, role-play and other methods to move you toward your best life. Please arrive in comfortable clothes, with pen, notebook, water and an open spirit.

See my welcome video to the group on Facebook.

I am excited to start this journey with you.