This is an opportunity to receive a complimentary consultation about a dating or relationship challenge. Gain clarity, insight and get practical steps you can take now to improve your romantic life. Find out what it’s like to have an expert in your corner!

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One-on-one sessions are ideal if you want to understand your past patterns and create strong momentum for change. Working closely together, we look at specific forces that have shaped your romantic life, and trace their impact, so you can move forward with clarity, hope and skill. In a safe and supportive environment, you’ll develop new insights and behaviors that are the foundation for mature love. Typically, this work is more targeted and results-oriented, shorter and more affordable than traditional therapy.


I offer introductory presentations, workshops and ongoing groups.  If you enjoy the company of fellow travelers, this format may be for you. Be ready to do some cleansing internal work, release the past, and arrive more embodied into the present. Comfortable clothes, a notebook and an open spirit are all you’ll need.


New couples sharing the excitement of integrating their lives are in an accelerated learning phase about themselves and each other. This is a crucial time to establish healthy patterns, identify issues and develop skills that support a happy future.

Established couples can face challenges that compel them to seek deeper levels of self-awareness and mutual understanding. Factors that shift the balance in your partnership may include parenthood, career changes, marriage, illness, infidelity, addiction, or habits of relating that no longer serve you.

I’m dedicated to your evolution as you learn together to establish trust and intimacy, negotiate win-win solutions, heal the sources of repetitive conflict and develop authentic, effective communication.

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